A Reset Is Free(dom)

What I’m offering is both freedom and free.  Freedom from food, food cravings, excessive weight, and the need to exercise.  There are no recurring fees; no special food items that weight loss is contingent upon; no strict or regimented plan that is not personal or relational to a support system.

You are free from all this with any one of the three Reset choices to lose weight that I outline for you in my book.  In fact, you are free to pick and choose, or isolate, or increase, or delete (you get the picture) any one or two of the Basics.  It is entirely your choice.

Some choices will lead to greater weight loss if the Basics are understood and incorporated into your meals.  Fortunately, with as many tasty foods that are available, enjoying any and all of the Basics while losing weight is simple.  And free.

How?  Here are three free ways to start:

Save bones from your meals.  When you purchase meats, use bone-in as it is cheaper and better for you (bones release nutrients into the meat) then save the bones in the freezer.  Make bone broth with them and any saved veggie scraps.  Reduce, reuse, recycle; it even works with food!

Grow your own cucumbers or wait til they go on sale and make fermented pickles.  Or, eat half a cucumber for a snack and ferment the other half! Use sea salt-or any other salt other than iodized, some herbs you have already in your spice cabinet, and slice or spear the cucumbers.  Wait about a week and you can enjoy your own probiotic food with meals or as a snack.

 Fermented Pickles

1 quart glass jar with lid

2 T sea salt, 1 t dill, 1 t peppercorns, (1/2 t crushed red peppers)

2-3 fresh cucumbers, washed, and seeds removed (if preferred)

1-2 fresh garlic cloves (optional); these taste great in soups after fermented!

Slice or spear the cucumbers and put in jar, keeping them 1″ below the rim.  Add spices and salt.  Fill jar to 1″ rim with water (non-chlorinated) and shake with the top on to mix.  Open jar and press saran wrap or a closed ziploc bag of water on top of the submerged cucumbers.  Reseal loosely and store in an area that stays between 64-72 degrees in temperature; the cabinet about the fridge usually works well with the door cracked open.  You can “burp” the jar once a day; the salt water will become cloudy and there may be some bubbles.  This is good!  Wait about a week and give it a taste.  When “done,” store in the fridge.

Or, use the left over cabbage from a recipe (excellent source of fiber, which is a major factor in weight loss), mix in salt and some spices (I like mine plain), and you’ll have sauerkraut in a week.  Sauerkraut goes great with sausage, soups, and eggs! (See recipe in another post).

In my book, Reset Your Weight, I share countless tips and ways to make losing weight with food easy and effective on your terms.  Even the two Basics I have shared in this post, you will start to see some weight loss and inches gone just by trying and incorporating them into your meals.  Want to make it even easier while you are waiting for my book?  Sign up for my newsletter and receive more easy to do recipes and ways to reset your weight with food.

Have you already started eating fermented foods or bone broth? Please share your weight loss results!



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