What Is A Reset Flush?

Like many nutritionists and scientists, much of my research narrows down to three basics to using food to lose weight.  I’ve called these “Basics” and have outlined three ways to lose weight using all or a variety of these Basics on consistent basis.

You will see quoted research from Deep Traditions author Doctor Shanahan because her research gives great explanations as to why my Basic 3 are effective and safe, and better yet, that its effects go beyond weight loss.  Her reason for writing?  “My point is not to suggest that America isn’t a wonderful country with our own rich history of cuisine. My point is that we’re out of touch with our roots;” she found the commonality among healthy cultures and describes them as her “Four Pillars of Authentic Cuisine. We need to eat them as often as we can, preferably daily. They are I: meat cooked on the bone; II: organs and offal (what Bourdain calls “the nasty bits”); III: fresh (raw) plant and animal products; and IV: better than fresh—fermented and sprouted.” [i]

I’ve chosen a Reset Flush because I want to really push myself and push past food cravings quickly.  Eating meals of bone broth, meat, veggies, and topped with a dollop of fermented food, my blood sugar will stabilize within a day or two, which enables me to move past “just wanting to eat” and eat only when my body is actually hungry.

The nutrient dynamics of the soup meal is complete and the addition of the fermented food introduces good bacteria into my gut.  The slow accumulation and consistency allows my gut to detox, heal, and stabilize.

Do I plan on living on soups for endless days in order to lose weight? Heck no! But, I’ll probably do it for a week to a week and a half.  Since my goal is not a complete gut detox, I will still eat “other” AKA my normal food choices but in smaller amounts.  However, the less of these choices I add into my day, the quicker I will lose weight.

When I was on the GAPS Introductory Diet, my gut detoxed so much that I couldn’t eat anything but Stage 1 (soups) foods lest I felt like dying (alone, in the bathroom…) and stayed the program course as designed over the period of a few months.

Eating your “normal” repertoire of foods will actually help your gut (and mental state) feel not so “diet-y” and stressed.  Stress is bad; it triggers all sorts of things to happen in your body, which leads to weight gain.  I think we all know how to gain weight at this point in our individual and collective lives.

In my book, Reset Your Weight, I’ve outlined PRE-Reset kitchen tips, Reset Flush time commitment choices, meal plan options, and propose time lines to losing weight on your terms.  My goals are not your goals and while we share a common goal of safe, effective, and sustainable weight loss, we can achieve the same end result on our own terms.

There is no “one size fits all” diet or weight loss program that will address every person’s needs.  Ever feel tied down and committed to a diet that just isn’t working for you?  I have, and it is has been counterproductive as a result for keeping the weight lost off permanently.  This is not that diet!  This Reset path is an extremely effective and healthy way to lose weight using food that has long-term beneficial effects, putting all the power of choice in your hands and off your waist.

In the book, have taken the best from the best food plans and common diets, highlighting the various significant factors that influence success.  What I call “The Sliding Scale” is my mashup and implementation of my Basic 3 in any Reset. This sliding scale is how you are going to personalize and adjust your Reset. Yes, I said “adjust” because this is life, and it is demanding and needs change from month to month, if not even day to day.

As you lose weight, this sliding scale will need to be adjusted because you may not choose the same things you did in the beginning.  Your mental and physical needs will have changed to adjust to choices made on the Reset.  The brain loves novelty, so switching between Basics and things like juicing, intermittent fasting, solo brothing periods and baking days will help keep your brain interested in joining your stomach on the Reset!

Let’s not mistake quantity for extreme excess. There needs to be a balance.  I’ve found that how foods are prepared in the Basic 3 really help the body and mind find and stay in balance. I’m sure if you go to extreme in any one thing, there could be issues of toxicity not to mention a plethora stomach discomfort (mashed turnips).  Obviously, I discourage this, as would any medical professional.

The only extreme thing I want to talk about is your weight loss!  Are you being encouraged in the fact that you can do this with a plethora of choices? I am!  I have very weak self-control and change my mind a lot, and yet I am still able to lose weight and maintain a Reset as a lifestyle because it’s just that awesome.  The weirdest part about being successful at a Reset is the need to not eat or snack the day away…and all the free “mental” space!

The sliding scale is motivational and somewhat empowering because you are doing it, making choices that will change your weight.  Depending on personality, your weight may change little by little or very drastically, based on your nutrient density of your foods and how much you slide on that scale!

If you prepare foods that incorporate the Basics, maybe even one or two consecutively, while not changing anything else, you will more than likely lose your weight slowly and be able to maintain it. This is because you are adding the good bacteria and nutrient dense foods into your already existing diet that your body is familiar with and accustom to processing. I’d find it hard to think that you could eat that much food, which brings us to the quantity of food variety in relation to more carb and gut unfriendly.

Basics brief image

The most efficient and fastest way to lose weight is by choosing food only from all of the Basic 3 and following the timing of intermittent fasting, which tends to happen regardless.  I’ll call this the Reset Flush on the sliding scale.  This type of schedule should decrease your weight safely within 2 to 3 months, losing most of your excess body fat weight around the waistline fairly quickly. In following this scale, however, your choices will be limited to what you can “pre-soak” in broth for the first week or two.  This will help stabilize your gut and break down the foods into a more digestible form before “sliding” other foods back into your variety.

Reset Flush will take about a month, but the longer you stretch each phase out, the more time your gut has to heal and detox, which will increase the benefits long term.  I’d recommend a Reset Flush if you suffer from inflammation or digestion issues, giving your body the longest time for healing and repairing; this will make it easier to maintain your Reset.  Positive aspects of choosing this type of Reset is that it is over and done with quickly. You will have enormous amounts of energy and will feel like a brand new person rather quickly (after die off), which will create more positive experiences and momentum to a new lifestyle way.

A slight slide on the scale to this type of all-out Reset Flush is a simple adjustment of eating one normal meal every day or every few days, usually dinner since that is seen as the social meal. The benefit of the continuation of eating normal meals- aka one that is not broth based, is that you will find that convenience eating will be less of a shock on your system.  Go ahead and go out to dinner with your friends!  Like previously stated, choose nutrient dense foods, NOT: grain and legume starches and sugars, fruit sugars, boneless or skinless meats, or anything with vegetable oils. [i]  These foods will keep your gut in balance while providing a great source of variety.

Follow along with my Reset Flush Challenge in the menu and see if it is right for your weight loss goals!



[i] Shanahan MD, Catherine (2011-04-22). Deep Nutrition:Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food (p. 20). Big Box Books. Kindle Edition.

[i] Shanahan, Catherine, Food Rules, 2010




2 thoughts on “What Is A Reset Flush?

  1. Yes, I did make the beef bone broth and have been drinking 1/2-3/4 cup daily. My back still hurts ( maybe not arthritis). But I have to say I am not hungry for hours and do not get the low sugar drop. Working it slowly.


    1. That’s great to hear! Keep going and you should see some weight loss from the consistent bone broth in a few months’ time. Also, the decrease in hunger from the stabilizing of the blood sugar will also affect weight loss because you end up taking in less calories. Thanks for sharing and let me know how it is going!


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