Preparing to Reset

My hubby informed me this morning that his weight is 198.  I said, “Oh, wow,” not in a positive way.  But, he was excited because he had actually lost 7 pounds in less than a week; he had been intentionally drinking more water kefir and adding some sauerkraut to his sausage wraps.   Food win!

With our personal Reset Challenge starting tomorrow, I’m finished with the minimal amount of food prep (counter top crock pot bone broth, water kefir in its second ferment for bubbles, and basic kraut) and took some Before pics and measurements.  In essence, the gloves came off and I came to terms with the reality that the food I’m consistently eating has not been weight friendly: too much simple carbs and sugars and not enough bone broth; my probiotic intake from small bowls of kraut and water kefir have saved this ship from sinking!

Actually, last week I noticed that I had dropped through a small weight plateau just by snacking on small bowls of kraut; a very large, 30# vessel, of kraut was ready after fermenting since October (I think…).  It had the best flavor and was so crunchy, even after all that time!

Last August, I Reset my weight by intentionally incorporating bone broth and increasing daily probiotics.  In one month’s time, my actual weight dropped from 160 to 153 pounds and I lost a total of 7.25 inches from my chest, waist, and hip area combined.

As of today, my starting weight is the same as my ending weight in September-I’ve maintained the weight loss without focusing on what foods I choose to eat and they have definitely been on the sugar sweet side.   As predicted, this is evident in my waist measurement.  In September, my waist was 34.5 (down 5.5 inches!) and it is currently 39.5 inches, which is just shy of my August starting measurement.  This increase is directly related to increased sugar intake resulting in visceral fat around my mid line.


I’m ready to Reset my weight using food starting tomorrow!  Check out the menu tab, My Reset Flush Challenge, and follow along.  I hope my rapid and sustainable weight loss journal will inspire you to start your own Reset Challenge!


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