Companies start Fermenting (again)!

I’ve noticed that more and more companies are making the news for their food preparation methods!  New York City again leads the east coast for reintroducing traditional foods to the masses, first with bone broth shots downtown and now with this company.  I say, “Keep it coming!”

What’s Your Secret Ingredient? video interview of “Food entrepreneurs who share a warehouse kitchen space in Long Island City, Queens, talk about what makes their products special.”

On the west coast, Portland, OR, offers a variety of companies fermenting veggies.   Oregon Brineworks has four local farms, offering several condiments as well!  Oregon even hosts a fermenting festival with demos and workshops.

Ozuke is another fermenting shop that has locations scattered around the midwest.  Looking through their products will also give home fermenters some great ideas on sauerkraut combinations.

A restaurant in Denver, Colorado, is home to the Shine Kitchen, where they use local produce to ferment and soak ingredients.

Even if you aren’t near one of these places, follow Fermentation on Wheels: “Fermentation on Wheels is a grassroots organization that provides free food education and inspires people through workshops, literature, & visual arts projects that raise awareness about food sustainability alongside teaching fermentation. The community organizes potlucks and teaches fermentation in a school bus that has been converted into a creative kitchen and workshop space. These events also serve as a way to bridge communities and restore a genuine fascination and interest in local, traditionally-preserved foods.”  She travels the entire USA so check out her Schedule page!

And yes, Whole Foods Market has a line up of fermented foods as well.  I’m excited that the food preparation method of fermentation is starting to go mainstream, making it easier than ever to find probiotics outside of the home kitchen!



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