Commercial Kombucha Craze

Need a strong probiotic STAT? Many health food stores now carry a variety of brands of brewed, live culture kombucha drinks that will definitely upload lots of good stuff into your system!

But, interestingly, now that kombucha is “the new craze” in healthy drinks, other ingredients have snuck into the bottle along with the good stuff.   Because, let’s face it, no matter how much 100% juice you add to the fermented tea drink, it’s tart!

The Healthy Home Economist just posted an update to her 2012 post about kombucha drinks because of what she has found on many of the top selling ingredient lists: added sugar.

Here’s her ingredient list off her website:

sugar by kombucha brand
The Healthy Home Economist

I agree with her statement, “if the flavored kombuchas are your thing, watch out! The amount of sugar in these bottles which are typically 12-16 oz is significant and can easily trigger a candida attack for those who are susceptible.  Sticking with plain or better still, brewing kombucha yourself is the best bet for enjoying this delicious, healthful and bubbly beverage with all the benefits and none of the downside.”


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