Easy Sourdough Bread

This is a great follow up recipe to my post, Feeding the Sour(dough)! Remember, use the same starter flour as your bread recipe starter (they usually add another flour to the recipe as well).

Click on over to artandkitchen for her Easy Sourdough Bread recipe!

I used her sourdough recipe today and I loved it! It was a huge success for me: easy to follow and it expanded!!! (I’ve had problems with that…)

I needed to refer to a conversion website for my US measurements.  And, interestingly, I did NOT use the same flour as my spelt starter (I forgot).  I switched to a whole wheat before I realized I had not used spelt.  This really is an easy to use recipe; very forgiving!

Since it is winter in my neck of the woods, I picked up a tip from somewhere about using a double bowl technique for keeping the sponge warm.  I used two ceramic bowls, with the dough in the smaller one, and poured 10-12 ounces of hot water (directly from my Cuisinart one cup coffee maker) in between the two bowls/in the bigger one.  Then, I threw in the towel (placed it over both of the bowls and tucked it in).  Worked amazing!  When the recipe called for handling the dough, that is when I dumped the cool water and replace it with fresh, hot water.  The ceramic bowls are thick and so they held onto the heat well.



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