Soaked, Sprouted, Dried, Ground (Spelt) Flour

Why go through all of that just to add a flour into a recipe?  Why not!  While I enjoy eating baked goods and breads, I do not enjoy the bloating and tummy weight gain from the excess and not usable by-product “nutrients” that store bought flour adds to my body and diet.  Most flours remove the fibrous and bran components that slow metabolism down to allow for a steady release of energy and nutrients; this causes the body to quickly process the food, turning it into a burst of what is basically sugar.  Unused “nutrients” then get stored as fat.  I wanted to skip that when I enjoy bread!

As I’m researching best practices from around the world and their effects on sustainable weight loss, I’m learning lots of new methods of food preparation.  I’m trying my hand at many new skills, many of which were never a learned skill for me in the first place!

As a side line to my post on soaking grains, after Day 2, I left 1/3 of my soaked grains for further sprouting; The other 2/3 I separated out in order to stop their growth and dry for another bread recipe.

  1. I used a large sheet pan and lined it with parchment paper (helpful as as a funnel later).IMG_20151113_092642669
  2. Spread out the wet grains as much as possible and put the tray in the oven on the lowest setting.  Many sites recommend 150-200 degrees and then leave the oven door open a notch.
  3. DON’T leave the house for several hours and forget you have the oven on with grains drying….When the grains feel dry to the touch, take them out and let them cool completely. You will not notice the tiny seed growth any longer.IMG_20151113_153322992
  4. I used my Ninja cup blade since I do not have a grain grinder.  Worked well!  Store until ready to use in the refrigerator as often this type of food will spoil in not in a cool temp.IMG_20151113_162514516

I’m currently trying my hand at the sprouted grain bread recipe, but I’ll post the bread I make with this ground flour as soon as I’m ready.  Have helpful advice to share? Please leave a comment!


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