A.(conscientious) Foodie

I think that the root issue with food programs and losing weight is the matter of quantity and quality.  This Reset finds its balance very quickly, making “food” issues fade quickly away. It removes the conscious attention to food, replacing it with an innate satisfaction in your body, health, and image so that you turn your attention to other things in life. It removes the unhealthy cycle of being consumed and almost absorbed in thought about self-image, and ultimately, what you think and feel about yourself and how others perceive you. I can say that this is so freeing, especially when weight and body image has affected how people view and see you for many years.

“Math diets” that assign a number to a food teaches a valuable skill of making good choices and its impact on body weight. It is acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between food, health, weight, and emotional satisfaction. It is putting a system in place for making good choices and providing accountability when it emotionally becomes difficult to distance yourself from the emotional aspects of eating vs. eating out of necessity. These are all exceptional life skills and important to one’s physical and emotional health. I think this is why this “math” program has so many followers and participants.

But I am here to tell you that you can do it by yourself, quickly and easily, and sustainably without relying on conscious thought for choices and the need for assistance from other people.

The math programs also still rely on many convenience foods and pre-packaged, processed meals, which are, again, convenient. Making soup ahead of time and storing single servings in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or the freezer for even longer is also extremely convenient.  Partaking in foods offered while dining out or at a friend’s house without the embarrassment of counting is also extremely convenient. Knowing that these types of opportunities still mean that you are okay without all of that unnecessary labor is extremely convenient. You are what defines convenient!

“We’re going to do away with calorie counting and struggling to find the perfect ratio of carbs to protein to fat. These terms aren’t useful because they say nothing about what really matters about your food. Food is like a language, an unbroken information stream that connects every cell in your body to an aspect of the natural world. The better the source and the more undamaged the message when it arrives to your cells, the better your health will be.”

 —Shanahan MD, Catherine (2011-04-22). Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food . Big Box Books. Kindle Edition.

Taking a look at the food labels of the mass plan meals will reveal high sugar and carbohydrates but it is the quantity that is limiting these choices in your body.  It is not a starvation mode for your body because you are still obtaining all of the calories, but in a much smaller quantity. It is not teaching you to make better food choices. It is teaching you to just eat them in smaller amounts. This is where the heavy reliance on accountability is cyclical and entrepreneurial because you are not changing your behavior or your automatic responses for long-term sustainable, independent change. Your body is not getting healthier or use nutrients more effectively, either.

Similar to the Paleo lifestyle of no grain carbohydrates, are the carbohydrate-free food programs. These stress the importance and significance of carbohydrate choices in your diet. Honestly, carbohydrates can make or break your diet and nutrition. The American culture of food processes and availability is extremely detrimental to people’s overall health because of its heavy reliance on cheap foods, which come from carbohydrates sources.  Most carbohydrate-laden foods are inexpensive.

This is the making of a.conscientious Foodie!   Being conscientious about food is looking at quality and quantity :)


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