Deep Nutrition Book Recommendation

My friend and blogger at Harmony of the Soul turned me onto this amazing book, which is going to provide a plethora of supporting evidence throughout my Reset Your Weight book.  She has decades of research and MD to back up and provide statistical evidence for my guiding principles.  It’s available free on Kindle Unlimited right now (I did the free month trial in order to read it!).

“We’re going to do away with calorie counting and struggling to find the perfect ratio of carbs to protein to fat. These terms aren’t useful because they say nothing about what really matters about your food. Food is like a language, an unbroken information stream that connects every cell in your body to an aspect of the natural world. The better the source and the more undamaged the message when it arrives to your cells, the better your health will be.”

“Though each local interpretation appears unique, as far as your body’s cells are concerned, healthy diets are all essentially the same, resting on the same Four Pillars: meat on the bone, fermented and sprouted foods, organs and other “nasty bits,” and fresh, unadulterated plant and animal products.” (pg 123)

Shanahan MD, Catherine (2011-04-22). Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. Big Box Books. Kindle Edition.

It was published a few year’s back, in 2011, and has many good reviews.  I wonder why it hasn’t had more of a debut in our mainly American cuisine culture? (No, I don’t…).  Highly recommend it!

Catherine Shanahan
Deep Nutrition

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