Thank you for visiting!  I see that I’ve piqued your curiosity about weight loss.

Did I mention without exercise?

I’ve spent countless hours and even years researching “diets” like GAPS and other plans so that I can successfully and naturally lose weight without any exercise by eating the foods I want to enjoy.

Not only did I want to lose weight and then maintain it, I wanted to understand how to do it my own way, with my own taste preferences.  I couldn’t foresee a life of “substitutions” or “adaptions” for ___ meal plan.

My goal was to find any and all basic food weight loss principles from every culture and time that I could enjoy without the need to constantly think about my weight and its relationship to food.

I wanted to be free from food’s negative effect on my weight and subsequently, my mind.  Alas, I’ve succeeded!

In 2015, I started a blog on WordPress as I was researching and writing.  Thanks to all of the great followers and encouragement I’ve received on the site, I’ve been able to transform this blog into a website!  

Want to continue following the journey to Reset Your Weight with food, not exercise?  Bookmark this WordPress blog for new posts in your feed, and also check out  Reset Your Weight Basics, my website, for past research and the bigger picture.


On the site, you can find updated information on:

Learn about the (Reset) Basics: Explained

Read Testimonials

Find Your Reset for quick fat loss and weight loss

Find information on your ideal Healthy Weight

Enjoy Real Food like fermenting veggies, sourdough baking, bone broth, raw and sprouting

and read new and previous blog posts!

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